Juliette Vasil, cape name Catena, is a chill member of the Heartbroken.


Juliette is cold, ruthless and contrary. She is usually cold and expressionless possible due to her overexposure to her father's power.


Roman VasilEdit

Juliette and Roman are noted as having a lot of animosity towards each other, to the point people takes bets on who will kill who.[1] They will disagree on things simply for the sake of disagreeing, consequently the things they do agree on are very rare.


She took credit for killing Operator Red, ostensibly as part of her competition with Roman.[2]


Juliette usually wears her hair long[3] and straight[4]. Otherwise she looks much like her cousins, a generically pretty girl.

As a cape she wears a fancy timeless clothes, usually of a distinctly feminine character.[5]

Her white mask has a second smaller set of eyes under the main ones, and is framed by hinged decorative spikes.[5] Later she is seen wearing a metal mask, with spikes radiating out from the back and edges, as well as a black costume with a few pieces of metal attached, and a gauntlet with clawed fingertips.[6]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Juliette can make one person freeze as long as she also stays completely still.[7]

Her ability is especially effective when she freezes people who have some sort of momentum going. For example, when confronted with an enemy wearing a jetpack, she managed to freeze them as they were flying around, which resulted in them being unable to stop themselves from smashing into a wall and skidding across the ground.[8]



Juliette had a traumatic childhood, being raised by Heartbreaker along with her siblings.


When Heartbreaker was killed, Juliette was taken in by Imp, along with the rest of her siblings.

Gold MorningEdit

Juliette survived Gold Morning.

Assisted in bringing Nero down, alongside Imp, Samuel Vasil and Florence Vasil.[9]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Assisted Breakthrough in an attempted attack on Cradle, she went with the Yellow team. Juliette was a victim of Cradle's dismemberment machine which took her out of action for the remainder.[10]

She was returned to proper function along with everyone else.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Fought alongside Breakthrough during the second Wardens' assault on Teacher's Compound.

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

Attacks Kenzie Martin after hearing, that she looked at the personal data of the Heartbroken.[11]

The Ice BreaksEdit

Juliette was alongside The Undersiders and Breakthrough during the oversight duty of Titan Oberon and Eve. During the battle of titans she protected the rear group from Eve's maggots.[12] During the retreat she was saved by Roman.[13]

Once Titans proved to be too dangerous and numerous for The Heartbroken, they retreated to The Wardens' compound and stayed near The Chicken Tenders.[14]


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    I would have wondered why, but the distraction of movement in the corner of my vision interrupted the thought and answered the question in the same moment. Juliette was resuming her run, rejoining Chastity, who put a hand on her shoulder, supporting her as they ran across uneven ground. - Excerpt from Dying 15.8
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