Julien Martin is a man trying to get a new lease on life.


Julien is a reserved man, comfortable with silence.[1]


Irene MartinEdit

Unknown how he gets along with his wife. She helps with his new realty business.[2]


He is as distant from his daughter as he is with everyone.[3]


Much like his daughter he is an extremely well-groomed man with a trimmed though still unruly, at least during days off, hair and beard that he wears long. He is thin and dresses extremely well.[4]



Horrifically abused his daughter along side his wife, pushing her towards her trigger event.[5]

His daughter was placed in the foster care system.[6]

Post-Gold MorningEdit

Kenzie returned to his and his wife's care, and blackmailed them into looking after her, against their will.


Got into realty after Gold Morning, His daughter described him as conducting his business ethically.[7]

Met the new coach.[8]

Picked up his daughter's friend Rain, drove the car in the most uncomfortable silence imaginable.[1]

Post-Fallen FallEdit

His terrible crimes against his daughter were found out by Victoria, and he was arrested.

His story was picked up by Gary Nieves and used against Breakthrough.[9]


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