Dr Jessica Yamada was a parahuman psychologist employed by the Protectorate.

Personality Edit

Dr. Yamada was exceptionally dedicated to her job. She was willing to lecture Chevalier for breaking her rules, and to work with numerous dangerous parahumans.

She was an expert in parahuman psychology; providing information on Trigger Events that Weaver was unaware of, and sitting in on PRT meetings as a consultant.[2][3] Her focus was mainly on child parahumans.[4]

She disliked much of cape culture, such as the names they would choose.[5] She encouraged her patients to use their real names[6][7], feeling that the use of codenames to refer to patients took away their humanity.[8]

Dr. Yamada disliked lying to her patients, but was willing to do so when she felt it was necessary.[9] She disapproved of the PRT's policy of rotating therapists, but did not voice this disapproval when it was brought up.[10]

She felt that she had encountered more monsters than Legend, which let her stay calm in dangerous situations with patients.[11]

Jessica smoked in grad school, a habit she didn't return to until 2011, when she was overwhelmed by the state of the Brockton Bay Wards.[12]

Known ClientsEdit



It took her eight years to train as a psychiatrist.[13] She went to graduate school.[12]


She saw Shadow Stalker after she was kidnapped and tortured by Regent and the Undersiders.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

On June 16th, 2011, she saw Glory Girl and Sveta at the Parahuman Asylum.

On June 17th she saw Clockblocker, Weld, and Flechette in the Brockton Bay Wards. She warned Miss Militia that her Wards were suffering from low morale. On June 18th she saw Kid Win and Vista.

On June 19th she was called in to cover for a colleague named Richmond.

On June 20th she saw Clockblocker, but the Mayoral debate was attacked by Coil, disrupting things. At 6am the next morning, she had a conversation with Eidolon about his problems.[2]


Dr. Yamada was present during Skitter's Surrender.

She had to deal with one of her patients' disappointment after hearing the news about the Cauldron treatment.[14] She was paid a visit, and her patient accepted an invitation to the Irregulars.[15]

After a rocky start, Dr. Yamada settled into being the primary therapist for Weaver.[16]

Post-Gold Morning Edit

In the aftermath of Gold Morning, she had a session with the Green Maiden.[17] She also assisted with a new research project.[18][19]

Early WardEdit

She formed a therapy group in the two years before the Wardens offered her a long term position.[20] As the therapy group increasingly gained the ambition to become a hero group, she reached out first to Weld and then to Victoria Dallon to speak to them.[21] As Victoria spent more time with the group, she noticed something wrong with the group, a feeling Jessica agreed with but could not discuss due to confidentiality.[22]

Post-Fallen fallEdit

Jessica became unresponsive to calls and texts immediately following the portal sabotage by The Fallen[23]. In her absence, Victoria tried to fill her role in helping the therapy group.[24]

Jessica survived the sabotage and was stranded alongside Riley and Jamie Rinke near remote settlement.[25] Meanwhile her notes about Breakthrough get delivered to Victoria Dallon as a contingency measure.[26]


  • Yamada's exceptional therapeutic prowess has become something of a meme in the fandom.

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