Jed Tylor is a newly triggered cape, being scouted by the Anchorage PRT.


Jed has issues with anxiety, to the point where he had to leave school, and triggered.[1]


Jed is tall and thin, with his hair tied in a ponytail.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Jed has a large scale Shaker and Master ability, that allows him to sense everybody in a fairly large range around himself. He can create forcefields of any living things within his vicinity, and move them by will.[2]



Jed had issues with anxiety that were so bad that he stopped going to school, and eventually even leaving the house. He ended up triggering as a result.

Dan Seneca attempted to recruit him to the Anchorage PRT.


  1. “I’m not good at that. At talking to people, or going out.”

    “You’re doing fine, talking to me here,” you say.

    “I don’t feel like I’m doing fine. This is the sort of thing I was worried about bringing up. If I go out to buy cola from the convenience store, I get so worked up I feel like I’m going to throw up. I worry about… everything about how I look, and what people think about me, or whether the way I tied my shoes makes the laces stick up funny, or if my fly is down, and I can’t look because people will see me looking and know, and my hair sticks up sometimes, and it’s… how can I even be a superhero, if I can’t even get a real job? I can’t even bring myself to send an email, some days.” - Excerpt from PRT: Department Sixty-Four
  2. He shrugs, looking down at the desk. “There are seventy people in my power’s range. I know where they are. Fifty-three in or just outside the building. Others in the buildings nearby. I… I’ve only used my power once, and it was a mess. Ghosts appeared. Like people, but without faces, sort of see through. But they were real enough to move things. They seemed pretty strong.”

    “Ghosts?” you ask.

    “Or people-shaped forcefields or something,” he says. “I make one ghost for every living thing in my range when I turn it on. They just appear beside whatever it is they’re copying. A forcefield for grass, and dogs, and microbes, I think. Buildings and the road all shimmered a bit. And when I tried to open a door, it didn’t move that easily. But I willed the things to move, and they all did, including the door. One order, that gets followed by everything that’s appeared. Plants didn’t listen, but everything else did. Moving pretty slow, but strong. Did a little damage, because I didn’t understand it enough to be careful.” - Excerpt from PRT: Department Sixty-Four
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