Jasper, or his self appointed nickname Jester is a member of the Patrol Block.


Jasper is described as a joker and immature, though he shows good leadership and concern for his fellow patrollers. When on patrol his priorities are on support and problem solving. He confides in Victoria Dallon saying, “If it had been me in charge here I’m pretty sure most of us would be dead already.”

When things go south during a patrol assignment, he stands up for Victoria Dallon against Mar and Landon.


He was very much a teenager, with acne, thin chin-hair and black hair that had had product in it, that had turned spiky from sweat. Dressed in similar shades as Gilpatrick. Blacks and grays.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Is fit, in good shape, the lump of grey between his ears actually does things.



Jasper is a 17 year old senior at Wayfair High School. He is a senior member of Gilpatrick’s patrol team.

Post-Fallen fallEdit

Took part in trials that followed the assault and the portal sabotage.

Was promoted to a squad captain.

Post-Ice BreakEdit

Met Victoria Dallon at the old Fallen camp, while delivering one of Dragon's guns to her.[1]


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