Japan is an island nation in east Asia.


The Japan of Earth Bet was a nation in shambles,[1] considered ground lost to the Endbringers in their war on humanity.[2] It was dependent on international assistance.[3] It no longer has many dedicated heroes,[4] on the other hand wildlife in the destroyed area has seen a resurgence.[5]


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Before Kyushu, the Yakuza had entwined themselves in local business to the point that they were impossible to remove.[11] Daiichi's Gang hoped to join them.[12]

The Sentai Elite were Japan's foremost team.[12]

Leviathan attacked Kyushu on the night of November second and the morning of the third, 1999. Nine and a half million were killed, and nearly three million evacuees rendered homeless.[12][13] Japan never recovered. [1][2]

According to rumor, Black Kaze snapped after Kyushu was destroyed. Whatever the reason, she roamed the landscape, killing indiscriminately, until she was captured and sent to the Birdcage.[10]The Guild recruited Masamune from the ruined area of Japan, where he had been living as a hermit.[9]


Khonsu first manifested in Japan.[4]

Gold MorningEdit

Japan was hit by Scion. Most were evacuated, but an estimated 22 million died.[14]


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