James Tagg[1] was instated as the Director of PRT East-North-East following the death of Director Thomas Calvert.


Tagg has a combative personality that he leads the PRT on a warpath against the criminal element in Brockton Bay. Taylor described him as having "a soldier’s mentality at a time when we need peace".[2]

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Director Tagg had previously served in the Army and as a PRT Squad leader. Tagg was one of the people who helped respond to Lausanne and the Simurgh's first appearance, being in Lausanne for 2002 and 2003.[3] As Tagg notes, "We shot them, the people who heard too much of the Simurgh’s song, who weren’t just walking disaster areas, but who’d listened long enough that they lost something. [...] Two years of fighting before we got the word down from on high, that they couldn’t rehabilitate the ones they’d captured, the ones who’d listened too long. The poor assholes would play nice until they saw an opportunity, then they’d take it, do as much damage as they could. Two years fighting good people who’d been convinced they had to throw their lives away fighting an enemy that didn’t exist. So we closed the perimeter, bombed them out, herded them and gunned them down.”[4]


After finding out that Dragon and Defiant were inbound to Brockton Bay on business, Tagg contacted them and demanded that they confront Skitter. This led to the incident at Arcadia, where Dragon and Defiant were forced to confront Taylor in her civilian identity in the middle of Arcadia's cafeteria, publicly unmasking her.[5]

Following Alexandria's 'killing' of an Undersider during Skitter's detainment, Skitter forced bugs into her throat the moment she returned. Clockblocker, seeing this occur, pressed the alarm, and Tagg - in the interrogation room with Skitter - drew his gun in an attempt to kill her before her revenge was carried out. However, Skitter's bugs drew his gun off course, and he was immediately swarmed by bugs, which she noted as including "spiders, hornets, black widows, brown recluses and more."[6]

Stung by numerous bugs, Tagg still managed to attack Skitter, throwing Danny Hebert to the ground when he attempted to intervene and slamming Skitter's head into the table in an attempt to incapacitate or kill.

Following Skitter's awakening in her cell, having been tranquilized, her surviving bugs locate and identify Tagg's corpse in the PRT's morgue, her orders to sting him having kept going following her lack of consciousness.[7]


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