Jacob, better known as Jack Slash, is the leader of the Slaughterhouse Nine.


A cruel and manipulative man with a love of theatrics. Jacob had a playful demeanor even while he was committing small scale personal pain or when coordinating wide scale atrocities with the backing of the Slaughterhouse Nine.

Every move and action he made was calculated to afflict change on the world around him for the worse. He expresses a love for affecting "keystones" in his introductory chapter,[3] that could change the world around themselves as well as though he was an individual butterfly effect which highlights his grandiose self perception.[4]


Shatterbird Edit

On a personal level Jacob found Shatterbirds's tactics tediously repetitive, but kept this to himself as she acted as an unmistakable herald to the Nine.[5]

Bonesaw Edit

Bonesaw and Jacob would "play" at the Slaughterhouse Nine being a happy family, with Bonesaw eager to play the part of a joyous and enthusiastic younger sibling or daughter figure.

During the Nine's long biological stasis Bonesaw is given time to reflect and grow as a person, later feeling conflicted about her role in the Nine

She no longer feels comfortable in Jacob's presence as she feels like he knows that her loyalty has been shaken.

Harbinger Edit

Jacob and Harbinger are not on speaking terms, Harbinger leaving the Slaughterhouse Nine shortly after Jacob took over due to a conflict in personal methods(as outlined in Number Mans' interlude)

Harbingers' current alias of "Number Man" remembers Jacob fondly, it is unknown if Jack Slash reciprocates.


Jacob is tall and slender, favoring civilian clothing that shows off his lean and muscular upper body.

He has an attractive face similar to Johnny Depp's though longer and with pale blue eyes. His hair is gelled back exposing a severe widow's peak.[6]

He has a full beard and mustache that he keeps neatly trimmed in a goatee fashion. These are further trimmed to give his beard sawtooth edges pointing inwards[7]

He is noted by Bonesaw to have recently started showing signs of his age, with minor wrinkles around the eyes and stray white hairs.[8]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Jacobs' primary ability extends the cutting edge of any handheld cutting weapon far further than its' physical dimensions, no known upper limit to distance.[9] Not to be discounted is his log experience with using various knives.[10]

Effects on weapons such as Armsmaster's Nano-thorn would not function, only the blade itself was projected.[11] What he can actually do with the weapon is limited by the physical capabilities blade itself; for example, he needed an actual butcher's cleaver to sever limbs instead of a dagger.[12]

Jack's secondary power grants him enhanced intuition regarding parahumans,[13] as well as an ability to influence the emotions of anyone connected to a shard.[3] This makes him a tougher challenge in a fight than his more obvious ability suggests and causes him to instinctively avoid situations that the Nine couldn't overcome.[14]

This secondary ability is so subtle that Jack himself is unaware of it, but it is effective enough that the Nine have been perceived as a near invincible S class threat since he took control of them.

Enhancements Edit

Bonesaw also modified members of the Nine with various "safeguards"; sheathing their vital organs and major arteries in a protective sub dermal mesh, further wire reinforcement was put into the skeleton to avoid broken bones,[15] with special attention was paid to the organs and spine to keep them functioning.[16] She also rendered her teammates resistant to her pathogens,[16] and granting them artificial neurons which allowed them to make plans Cherish could not see, it is unknown if this could be adapted for other Master powers.[17]



Jacob was a young trigger. His mentally unbalanced parents shut him inside a bomb shelter with a radio link to his father, who gaslit him by convincing him that a war was underway. He triggered upon exiting the shelter and seeing that the world was fine and having his entire reality challenged.[18]

At some point during or before 1987,[19] Jack encountered King and joined the Slaughterhouse Nine. He felt great displeasure at King's interest in grooming him as a pet project or new "Gray Boy", and conspired with Harbinger to kill him

Jacobs reasons were ego-driven, feeling like King saw him as a personal pet project instead of a man in his own right.

Harbingers' reasons to revolt are unknown, though they were personally strong enough to warrant a violent coup.

Afterward, Jacob renamed himself "Jack Slash" with the specific intention of sounding harmlessly simple and absurd.

Under Jack's leadership, the Nine become synonymous with terror and death, caring nothing for political power or money.

They seemed unstoppable, hitting towns throughout the United States seemingly at random and killing as many as they could before leaving. They notably avoided using bombs or more traditional methods of mass destruction, opting to kill personally using their powers.

The recruitment process became a trial in which each existing member of the Nine would torture and attempt to kill recruits and survival meant being accepted as a new member.


Jack and the rest of the Nine arrived in Brockton Bay in June 2011, a few weeks after Leviathan's attack, looking to recruit new members. Their candidates included Echidna, Regent, Armsmaster, Panacea, Oni Lee, and Bitch. During this time, they laid low, killing only a few civilians.

After being informed of the Nine's presence by Coil, Dinah Alcott made a prophecy that if Jack Slash was not killed before he left Brockton Bay he would almost certainly set into motion the end of the world.

Jack tracks down Oni Lee and offers him a chance to join the Nine. After Jack determines that Lee is unworthy, the two fight, and Jack grievously injures Lee. He takes the wounded man to the Anders apartment and breaks in, dumping Lee in the bathtub and confronting Theo Anders. He tells Theo that he will kill him and Aster as soon as Purity returns home. During the subsequent conversation, Theo convinces Jack to spare them by promising that he will become a great hero and stop Jack. Purity then returns from grocery shopping and is about to attack Jack, but he tells her that her powers have been weakened by recent cloudy weather and overuse and that she has little chance of defeating him should they fight. She reluctantly allows him to leave with Oni Lee, whom he later gives to Bonesaw.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Fully informed of his role in ending the world Jack went about making it happen.

Gold MorningEdit

After convincing Zion to let loose Jack was presumably left where he was, buried in containment foam in a Gray Boy loop, fighting intense pain and having only momentary relief.[20]


  • Jacks powers are the result of receiving a crippled version of the "broadcast" shard that was used for communication between the Entities.[21]
  • With the exception of Bonesaw who defected from the group, Jack is the only known survivor of the Slaughterhouse Nine who is not a clone.

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    I’d made the comparison myself, but I’d tempered that, held back as I formed that conclusion. Hearing it in such a blunt way stung as much as a slap in the face.

    “And you sent in the D.T. guy because-”

    “Because Weaver surrounds herself with bugs, and Jack surrounds himself with capes. The non-cape is the only variable we haven’t seriously tried. The competent non-cape.”

    Tattletale nodded, “Thought so. So let’s think about that. He’s got a thinker power that lets him manipulate parahumans, or read them, or gauge how they’ll react. He uses it, probably unconsciously, to constantly maintain the edge. And he gets bored. You’ve seen him get bored, haven’t you, Riley?”


    “Yes. And when he gets bored, he sets up scenarios like the game in Brockton Bay, the test with Golem coming after him, whatever else. It usually falls apart before it comes to a head, because Jack is chaos incarnate, people cheat, Jack cheats, and so it goes. So tell me, do you really think he wouldn’t let you have a little slack to see how you’d operate?”

    Bonesaw didn’t respond.

    “Yeah. Exactly,” Tattletale said. “Your art? It’s his art. Your power and everything you do with it, it’s stuff he’s shaped.”

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    I made a mental note of that. Chances were good that Jack, Bonesaw and the other more vulnerable members of the Nine had some similar protection. How differently would things have played out if Ballistic had used his power and blown them up?

    “I could,” Trickster threatened. “Or we could wait and see which happens first: Either you agree to share the information we want or you slowly bleed out.”

    “A game of chicken? I’m down.” Cherish prodded her injury with a fingertip. It was clear it hurt, but she still stuck a finger into the hole and investigated some. “The auto-injection pump is dosing me with painkillers and antibiotics now. First time feeling this stuff work.” - Excerpt from Snare 13.7
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    He triggered on exit, his entire reality challenged on seeing that the world was fine.

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    The more mature power was unleashed.  A wavelength power, a kinetic transmission.

    The entity watched, and it recognized the shard at work. The broadcast shard. One that had been crippled, just like the shard of the female that floated before the entity now. The same shard that had managed communication between the entity and its counterpart. - Excerpt from Interlude 26

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