Irene Martin is an aesthete now able to unleash her talents.


Victoria likened her behavior to that of a Diva.[2]

Is a horrible, abusive narcissist.


Julien MartinEdit

Unknown how someone like her would be interested in such a reserved man. They were similarly socially obtuse though.[2]


Rarely seemed to agree with her daughter,[2] possibly because they were very similar.

It turned out that Irene truly hated her daughter, and genuinely wanted her to die.


Irene took an uncommon shine to the seasoned heroine.[3]




Has actual artistic genius that is never satified and constantly evolving.


The many changing tools of her trades.



Horrifically abused her daughter alongside her husband, this caused Kenzie to be taken from them and placed in the foster care. In a roundabout way this led to her daughters later trigger event.[4]

Story StartEdit

Her daughter was placed in the foster care system.[5]

Post-Gold MorningEdit

Kenzie returned to her and her husband's care, and blackmailed them into looking after her.


Met the new coach and invited her to dinner.[2]

Post-Fallen fallEdit

Her terrible treatment of her daughter was found out by Victoria, and she was arrested alongside her husband.

Her story was used as anti-parahuman fodder by Gary Nieves.[6]


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    She wore an amazing bohemian-style top, predominantly red, the pattern detailed, the fabric as light and loose as it could be without floating off of her. The sleeves were cut so they technically stopped at the elbow, but the excess fabric at the bottom edge of the sleeve was such that it grazed the skin of her legs, beneath her shorts. Her sandals were stamped straps of red leather that went from her toes to encircle her ankle, red on black skin.

    She was young enough she might well have been a teenager when she had Kenzie, clearly fashionable, she was slim, and she had more poise than some superheroes I knew.

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    A bit of a diva. - Excerpt from Shadow 5.7
  3. “My mom seemed to like you a lot, I haven’t ever known her to do that before. A lot of people-”

    Chris took Kenzie’s hand. Her eyes lit up as she kept talking.

    “-seem to like her a lot, she’s a charmer, but she hasn’t invited-”

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    “Pay attention when she talks about new friends or people in particular, get ahead of that, introduce yourself, keep a close eye on things. Talk to her teachers. Talk to her foster parents, or the people at whatever institution she’s at. They’re probably pretty overloaded, but make them pay attention. Get everyone on the same page. Same rules for everyone, boundaries, sticking to those boundaries, limit physical contact and gestures of affection unless okayed by the therapist.”
    I made a mental note about the emphasis on foster parents. I’d need to have a conversation with others and pay more attention to Julien and his wife.
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    “Very briefly.”

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