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Date posted 28 February 2012
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7x (Interlude; Hannah) is the thirteenth chapter of Buzz. Miss Militia’s origin story; Hannah and Colin discuss personnel transfers, first mention of Weld. Endbringer inbound!


Hana reminisces about what her life was like before. She was one of the only survivors of a massacre in Kurdistan and was being used as an impromptu minesweeper by one of the Guerrillas. Panicking she triggered and was able to use her power to free herself and others.

This makes her remeber all the other little steps that brought her into the Protectorate.

At 6:30 in the morning, Miss Militia finds Colin in conversation with Dragon. Colin, who has forgotten to sleep again, claims that he has been talking 'Tinker stuff' with Dragon, using it as a form of procrastination. He demonstrates the result of his talks - a new disintegration field for his Halberd that seems like it can cut through anything except fire and forcefields.

Hannah asks Colin to tell him what he's been procrastinating. Colin informs her that, in light of recent events, the Wards and Protectorate of Brockton Bay are being restructured. Aegis is being swapped for Weld, and it is likely that Shadow Stalker or Clockblocker will be reassigned as well. Sighing, Colin remarks that Hannah is better at this than he ever was. He then congratulates her, because Hannah will be in command of the Brockton Bay Protectorate team in two weeks. Armsmaster is being transferred to Chicago, and Colin reveals that he is being demoted - apparently as a consequence of his inability to play politics and the implication is that he will never command a team ever again.

Turning away from the uncomfortable conversation, Colin looks back at his monitor and the program Dragon had been working on to track S-Class threats. With some modifications to Dragon's program, Armsmaster makes a chilling discovery:

One of the Endbringers is about to hit Brockton Bay.

Colin flips a switch and sets off an alert throughout the entire city. He informs Dragon to contact 'everyone else that matters' while he notifies Piggot and the rest of the Protectorate. To Hannah, Colin leaves the task of rallying the locals. When their eyes meet, Hannah doesn't like the glimmer of hope she catches in his gaze.


  • A look into PRT politics.


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