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Date posted 1 November 2011
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Interlude 4 is the thirteenth chapter of Shell and the second Interlude. Brutus get to go for an interesting walk, enters a dog fighting ring, wins by default, helps rescue other dogs. Is a good boy throughout. Provides a different perspective on Rachel.


This interlude was written from the point of view of Bitch's dog Brutus.

He watches as Master deals with her Scentless team leader. They then go for a walk.

They are accosted by a human child and it's mother.

His Master takes him to a place with a lot of other dogs which smells of urine and fear and blood, dog fighting ring. He is sent into the ring against another dog. His master uses her power on Brutus making him grow large and cows his opponent. She turns him loose on all the people there, no killing but a lot of mutilation.

She tells the people that she will not allow any more such rings to take place. She lets the humans leave and saves as many dogs as she can. After a long moment of silence for the dogs they couldn't save Brutus hears sirens and alerts his master.

They leave with the living dogs and best of all Brutus gets to lull his head out the window and feel the wind on his face!

Major EventsEdit

  • Bitch and Brutus attack a Dog-fighting ring.
  • Bitch rescues several of the dogs there driving off with them in the back with cages.[1]


  • The events in this chapter forms the crux of dissent raised by Hookwolf during the Truce meeting at Somer's Rock.
  • Rachel can drive but it is unknown if she is licensed.
  • While a common trope canines don't actually think in terms of alphas. Rather having family structures.


Brutus's Master's PackEdit


  • A rude mother
    • A rude child
  • Other two legged land apes
  • Numerous scared and abused dogs


  1. Sorry if it wasn’t clear. Brutus isn’t the clearest of narrators. 😉

    She took the living dogs out to a truck and lashed the cages together there. Then she went back inside to mourn the ones who had died. When she was driving off at the end, she had the rescued dogs in the back of the truck. - Excerpt from Hive 5.2

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