Interlude 28
Date posted 17 September 2013
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28 (Interlude, Doctor Mother) is the seventh and last chapter of Cockroaches. The Simurgh dreams of past and present. Chevalier shoots down Ingenue, Defiant and Dragon are reunited, Chevalier addresses the Protectorate. The Irregulars assault Cauldron.


The Simurgh plans

Taylor returns from her trip and sits with tattletale.

Defiant waits with Canary and Saint to meet with Teacher. Teacher arrives, with a subdued Dragon in-tow. Her body is cobbled together from rusted parts and components and the sight of it causes Defiant to call Teacher a bastard. Teacher continues to goad Dragon, and Defiant in turn, by gloating that he had imposed new restrictions upon her, although he stresses that she is otherwise free, that the restrictions only prevent her from harming him or otherwise letting him come to harm. Defiant, for his part, promises that he will make Teacher pay for this, for enslaving his girlfriend.

In the Pendragon, Defiant apologises to Dragon, promising to make them pay for what they had done. He says that they will get through all this and then remove 'every last chain'. Dragon, however, says nothing.

Zion devastates a earth that would be Heinlins and rand's wet libertarian dream.

Chevalier has to deal with a stalker at the hospital

Later the protectorate has a tiny party and then visits broken pieces of endbringers.

The entire piece proves to be Doctor mother using parahumans to spy on people



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