Extinction 27.5
Date posted 27 August 2013
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Extinction 27.5
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27.x (Interlude, Eidolon)‏‎ is the sixth chapter of Extinction and the first interlude. As Eidolon fights Scion, he thinks on what brought him to this point. His powers waning, the exposure of the Triumvirate, Legend confronting them, and first getting his power. He learns to drain strength from others, only for Scion to cut him down with four words.


The world through the eyes of Eidolon. His fight against the avatar of the warrior entity with the assistance of the triumvirate and the fairy queen.

A flashback shows how David first met Doctor Mother and joined Cauldron.

Another flashback reveals his talks with the Doctor about his powers and the need for the discontinuation of booster shoots.

With the massive Power boost Eidolon is able to go toe to toe with Zion driving the avatar back.

The entity decides that he is wasting too much of his energy and time fighting Eidolon and using his version of Contessa's shard he speaks four words that breaks Eidolon's spirit. Then he kills him.


  • The fairy queen outright states that Eidolon is more powerful then she is.
  • The addendum that follows this chapter used to be in this chapter but was moved for unknown reasons.





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