Interlude 24.x
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Date posted June 22, 2013
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24.x (Interlude; Chevalier) is the sixth chapter of Crushed. Information on Chevalier. First meeting with the Wards, seeing images. Fast Forward to Behemoth, planning the fight, the fight with Cody, waking up in the hospital during final stand. He thinks on his Trigger Event, then takes the fight to Behemoth. He falls, then Scion comes and wins.


The interlude opens with the first meeting of Inaugural Wards team. The kids mix and the adults talk. Hero is cool.

Chevalier manages the troops, viewing powers and thinking on what he views. He goes and talks with the more illegitimate Thinkers. Accord is cool. Cody uses his myriad abilities to beat up Chevalier.

After he wakes up Tattletale gives Chevalier a run down of What he needs to know about the situation, endbringers, and Behemoth.

Chevalier solos Behemoth.

Scion steps in

Behemoth lights up doing his radiation bit to kill everyone, Grue uses his darkness to snuff it out, providing a shield for everyone.

Scion kills Behemoth.

There was much rejoicing.

Major EventsEdit

  • Chevalier shows us you can still be cool while winning a darwin award
  • Behemoth is destroyed by Scion


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