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Date posted 21 May 2013
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22.y (Donation Interlude; Lung) is the eighth chapter of Cell and the second interlude. It focuses on the history of Kanta, who would become Lung. His group invades a meeting with gang, gets his ass kicked, triggers. Fights an Endbringer, caught by Yàngbǎn, recruits underlings. Ruminates on it all in the Birdcage.


The life story of Kenta, part of a Japanese street gang whose life ambition is to join the yakuza.

They disrupt an important Drug meeting and a women in a lab coat sics a woman in a suit on them. She breaks everyone, including Kenta, who triggers.

Time moves forward, Lung is present when Leviathan comes to Japan. Lung fights the abomination and achieves unbelievable heights. He succeeds and fails and wrecks japan.

A few years later Lung is in the custody of The Yàngbǎn, after multiple escape attempts and poor behavior as a prisoner. They try to convince him to join them but he only says that he will be free.

Many years later in America Lung explains his life philosophy to a petulant Tinker girl. He persuades Bakuda to join him and is successful.

All this Lung reflects on as he listens to Panacea explain breakthroughs in understanding the world to her father, his "friend" Marquis. He talks of recent events with Teacher and accepts some of the Thinkers offers and rejects others. He has the chance to share this with his "friend". Lung keeps his silence, and waits for the world to end.

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  • Daiichi
  • Ren
  • Hisoka
  • Arata
  • Kenta
  • Ryo
  • Jirou
  • Takeo
  • Shuji


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