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Date posted 6 April 2013
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20.y (Interlude; Accord) is the seventh chapter and second interlude of Chrysalis. Accord thinks about his plans. The Undersiders meet with the Teeth, Fallen, and Ambassadors. Accord holds fruitful discussions.


Accord arrives at the truce meeting being held by the undersiders.

Informs the undersiders about the Butcher

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Skitter greeted him after he and Eligos arrived before asking them to take a seat. Valefor, however, questioned why they should listen to her. Skitter told him that there would be violent retribution if anyone caused trouble before he said that he didn't intend to cause trouble. He told her that he was curious as to why they should follow a schoolgirl, telling her that he had seen the news, before asking Butcher if she had seen it.

Valefor then went on to say that it was embarrassing and that he didn't see why someone like Skitter was sitting at the head of the table. Skitter told him that she'd gladly deal with him if everyone agreed to suspend the usual rules before informing him that she would take him one-on-one. He considered it before Accord spoke up, telling him that he had already lost. When Accord told him that he had gained respect for Skitter after seeing what she had done, Valefor told him he was a fool before Accord told him that he wouldn't condone fighting. After Butcher said that she agreed with Accord, Valefor frowned.

When Accord asked Skitter how far she would go, Valefor asked him if he was playing some kind of head-game. Accord told him that it wasn't and said that it would shed some light on what they were to discuss before Skitter said that killing would be her last resort. When Skitter told him to take a seat or leave, he looked around before shrugging and taking a seat. He contested the Skitter's claim that the Undersiders had prior claim on the city by telling her that they had only had it for a week and a half only for her to ignore him.

After hearing Skitter's rules, Valefor told her that her demands were bordering on ridiculous before asking her if she expected the Fallen to fight Endbringers. He then said that she was picking a fight before leaving after Skitter said that the Fallen weren't long for Brockton Bay.

Major EventsEdit

  • Meeting to discuss the new order of the city is held.
  • Accord and his ambassadors accept the Undersiders conditions.
  • The Teeth and the fallen do not and prepare to fight.


  • Othello's shadow self is immune to Imp's power to a certain extent. It is able to tell where she is.
  • This is the third Truce meeting shown in Worm.



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