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Date posted 6 August 2011
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2.x (Interlude; Victoria) is the tenth chapter and first Interlude of Insinuation. Glory Girl cripples a thug that Panacea patches up, recurrent pattern with them. Interrogation, crippaler “cop”/ healer “cop”; info on Brockton Bay’s underworld.


The interlude opens with Glory Girl giving chase to a man. She revels in the joy of flying, the benefits of her personal forcefield and the thrill of the chase. After she catches up to her quarry, the narrative reveals that the man is probably affiliated with Empire Eighty-Eight, the white supremacist supervillain group in Brockton Bay, evidenced by the fact that he'd attacked and beaten a young black woman.

Glory Girl uses one of her secondary powers, the ability to make her enemies intimidated, to try and squeeze details on the organization from the thug, but he clams up and grows obstinate, insulting her. In a fit of anger, she throws him down the street. As he tries to run, she kicks a dumpster at him, seriously injuring him. She calls her sister, Panacea, fearing that the man is dying.

Panacea turns out to be a healer, and after some argument and lecturing Glory Girl over her anger issues and the fact that this is a recurring event, having happened six times already, she agrees to heal the criminal. The pair of heroines use the offer of further healing to leverage information from the thug, and he reveals that the capture of Lung[1] has created a void that other organizations and villains will be hungry to fill, with things inevitably getting more difficult for all of the city's heroes. After he begins mocking the girls, they abandon him for the authorities to pick up, with Panacea making the criminal believe that she hadn't fixed the erectile dysfunction by making everything below his waist slightly numb for up to a month.

Major EventsEdit

  • Glory Girl and Panacea torture a criminal to get information.
  • Lung's capture is having a domino effect on the cities underworld.
  • A serious gang war looks to be coming.


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  • Author's note: This chapter introduces Glory Girl and Panacea. They were characters I considered as protagonists for a superhero story in this same setting, which would have been titled Guts & Glory, with the perspective of each chapter alterating between each of the two girls. Their storyline is occuring in the background of Worm, with some aspects hinted at at various points in the story (including in the Agitation arc, Interlude 3 and the latter chapters of the Extermination arc). I abandoned this story concept upon deciding that it didn't allow for much exploration of wider setting elements (such as the Case 53s) and that it was too dark. Yes, considerably darker than Worm.[2]
  • This is the first mention of the ongoing rivalry between Coil and Empire Eighty-Eight.
  • Introduction to the concept of Healers.


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