Interlude 15.z
Date posted 8 November 2012
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15.z (Donation Interlude 3; Alexandria) is the tenth chapter of the Colony Arc. A series of snippets in the life of Alexandria. Meeting Cauldron, founding the PRT, Protectorate and Triumvirate, the Endbringers, how Siberian injured Alexandria, and another perspective on the post S9 meeting of cauldron and the triumvirate.


Information on Alexandria’s background and how she firstgot involved with Cauldron.

Her early career as a hero meeting the Triumvirate, the planning and founding of the PRT and The Protectorate. The first Endbringer attack, when Behemoth attacked Oil fields and caused great devastation.

How Siberian injured Alexandria, from her perspective and what came later. Cauldron's perspective on the meeting with Legend and what happened after he left.

Major EventsEdit


  • This chapter references "the Maggie Holt series" as a series of children's books; Maggie Holt is a character in Pact, the story Wildbow wrote after Worm. At this time they are still a series of books.
  • Alexandria kidnaps a dying boy in this chapter; according to the tags, he's Newter.
  • The body double that would stand in for Alexandria is not mentioned again.



The MythicsEdit

  • Rostam
  • Jamshid
  • Kaveh
  • Arash

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