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Date posted 2 July 2019
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Interlude 15.a II is the first chapter and the first interlude of Dying. Friends, family members, and teammates of the Shin prisoners greet them upon leaving the portal. Cinereal briefs the heroes on the Teacher attack and plans a second one with those who didn’t attend the first.



  • Harbinger Four presents some information about the current parahuman population:
    • 5212 participated in Gold Morning, ~3474 survived. ~1737 remained in Earth Gimel in the near vicinity of The City. ~694 of those are active high-profile heroes, ~833 had retired or scaled activity down, which leaves around ~208 active villains and rogues.[1]




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  • Unnamed girl



  1. Five thousand, two hundred and twelve parahumans had attended the final confrontation against Scion. Two-thirds of them had survived, with the majority of the losses occurring in the period after Doormaker had shut down, but before Khepri had achieved strategic control.

    Of those two-thirds, roughly half had remained in Earth Gimel, stretched out over an area ranging from Maine to Boston to the old New York. Forty percent of those capes were heroes or something close enough to count, and eighty percent of the remainder had scaled down, retired, shifted priorities or sought lower-profile hero work, at least in the short term. - Excerpt from Interlude 14.z II

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