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Date posted 20 November 2012
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15 (Interlude; Rory Christner) is the fourth interlude and fourteenth and final chapter of Colony. A look at Triumph and Prism’s relationship, how Triumph gained his powers, Assault argues that the Protectorate capes should respond to the attack on Triumph, Dragon and Defiant arrive.


Prism visits Triumph in the hospital after Skitter injures him. Cache is revealed to be alive and recovering. Prism reveals her past injuries and being a child gymnast. They visit the Wards headquarters to join the discussion over taking revenge on Skitter for her attack on the mayor's family.

Weld points out that Skitter did not intentionally break the rules given how she figured out Triumph's and Prism's identities in the middle of intimidating the mayor. But this is dismissed as Tattletale having informed the super-villainess of the Protectorates civilian identities. Director Piggot arrives with Dragon reveals she has rebuilt Armsmaster into 'Defiant' and the two will be hunting the Slaughterhouse Nine around the clock and around the world. Knowing that he is better off free to hunt the Nine, no one mentions the injustice of allowing Armsmaster to go free.

Rory needs to take some time to decide for himself. The blast site with two serial killers as tombstones are useful for contemplations.

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  • Defiant joins the Protectorate.


  • Again Bitch's designation as Hellhound among the media is brought up.[1]


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