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Date posted 1 September 2012
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13.y (Interlude; Piggot) is the twelfth chapter and second interlude of Snare. Piggot reflects on the state of the city, watches footage from where Hero was killed by Siberian, talks with Legend, then organizes a plan of attack on the Nine.


Director Piggot looks at information about the Slaughterhouse Nine, finding simulation reports - indicating that Armsmaster had been preparing to fight them. She reflects that he had possibly escaped in order to hunt down the Nine.

Piggot also reveals that Armsmaster's confinement was "off the record", in order to prevent the PRT's reputation from being damaged in the wake of an Endbringer attack. But, now that he has escaped, Piggot is somewhat concerned that even Dragon has been unable to locate him and ponders if Dragon is assisting him.

However, without any warrant or official record of his crimes, no one has any way to track down and arrest Armsmaster. Piggot waves him off as "gone".

She reviews an files makes as Case 1 and finds one of the first apperences of the serial killer known as the Siberian.

She is joined by Legend and they discuss the situation.

Major EventsEdit

  • Piggot decides on a plan to deal with the Slaughterhouse Nine.


  • It is unknown if Armsmater's files on the S9 were due to an intention to fight them or part of his research into perdiction program.



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