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Date posted 26 March 2019
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Heavens 12.none is the fourteenth chapter, and fifth Interlude, of Heavens. Shawn triggers and saves a life. Life in the PRT and preparation for Leviathan. Dauntless' time in the bubble. Harbinger(s) explicate to Breakthrough. Shawn meets his son and the Simurgh sings him a lullaby.


Shawn assists with the birth of his child while trapped in a camper by a mudslide.

The titan tries to rest while the simurgh lulls him to sleep.

Major EventsEdit

  • Shawn achieves entelechy.
  • The Simurgh returns.


  • "Z > E > everything > nothing" sequence that Harbringers use to explain Titan is a direct reference to erratic naming of some chapters in this arc. It also pokes fun at the parts of fandom, that decided it was going to spell something.
    • Z and X are standard interlude indexes.
    • E and F are continuation of Rain's interludes that appear as PoVs of his clustermates.
    • However, the other throw-away sequence was, indeed, spelling foreshadowing for Sundown 17.y and Radiation arc.[1]



  • Kelly
  • Shawn
  • Addison
    • Mo (Addison's friend)
    • Addison's wife
  • Mr. Combe
  • Jean

Brockton Bay ProtectorateEdit

Brockton Bay WardsEdit


New WaveEdit

Houston ProtectorateEdit

Empire Eighty-EightEdit


New CauldronEdit


  • Mayor Craig
  • Jennifer


  1. “Connects back around to A,” Harbinger Three said. “And it connects to P, P again, L, and E. But the underlying structure is gone. ‘A’ flounders, trying to find a connection to anything. And in the process, it finds a connection to P, O-” - Excerpt from Interlude 12.none

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