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Date posted 24 July 2012
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12.x (Interlude; Jack)‏ is the ninth chapter of Infestation and the first interlude chapter. The Nine visit a Merchant party with a decidedly bloody conclusion.


The Slaughterhouse Nine Gather on the roof of a Warehouse, all members are present, even Bonesaw's creations, except for Mannequin. Below them the Merchants are carrying out their now typical blood festival, putting themselves through horrible experiences to trigger or just get recognition.

Jack Slash starts the attack, assassinating Skidmark as the addict pontificates on one of Squealers creations. The rest of the group fall on the rest of the merchants killing them in various horrible and creative ways. Most of the non-powered people, and all the capes except for Scrub. Jack allows him to escape so Crawler can find him, noting it is rare to find something that hurts the regenerating Brute.

In the midst of this Mannequin returns from his battle with Skitter, with visible damage. The others gather and discuss Jack talks of why and how the group will go about recruiting more members. Throughout this he ruminates on how he's playing a constant balancing act to keep the Slaughterhouse 9 under his control. He also decides that the only suitable new members are Bitch or Hookwolf.

Major EventsEdit

  • Merchants are removed from consideration.
  • The Nine decide on their game.


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