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Date posted 17 May 2012
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10.5 (Donation Interlude; Dragon) is the eighth chapter of Parasite. We find out who Dragon really is; we get a peek into the Birdcage; Dragon talks to Colin about his confinement and his plans.


The events of the last chapter from dragon's perspective. A look through the Tinkers various duties and work. Her constant frustrated ruminations on what she can and cannot do.

Dragon has a talk with Colin about Skitter.

Dragon finds out Skitter's civilian identity through.

Major EventsEdit

  • Following his humiliation at the end of the Endbringer fight, and his attempted recruitment by Mannequin, Colin is forced to confront his failures as a man and as a hero. He realizes that his power isolates him, making it hard for him to empathize with others.[1]


  • Dragon sets an alarm in her systems for whenever Taylor pops up in the system again.[2]


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  1. He controls Armsmaster, who controls an enslaved Dragon, because this Armsmaster never found the humility, nor did he face his inhumanity. - Speculation by Wildbow on Reddit
  2. Chrysalis 20.3

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