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Arc 2
Chapter Count 10
Word Count 25,411
Date started
5 July 2011
Date finished
6 August 2011
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Insinuation is the second arc of the Worm series; preceded by Gestation and followed by Agitation. Taylor joins the Undersiders, for better or worse.


Taylor returns to school the following day, but gives up and leaves part way through the day after repeat encounters with the bullies and ineffectiveness of Mr. Gladly. After some online research, she discovers an invitation to meet with the villains from the previous night, and accepts.

At the meeting, Tattletale, Grue, and Regent invite her to join their team, the Undersiders. She agrees, planning to learn more about them and turn them over to the Protectorate. Bitch interrupts her tour of the team's loft by attacking the newcomer, but Taylor surprises the others by giving as good as she gets. Grue breaks up the fight and convinces Taylor to stay despite the hostilities. He and Tattletale give the combatants first aid while explaining more about the team's operations, and Taylor calls her dad to tell him she's hanging out with friends.

Glory Girl and Panacea torture and interrogate a member of E88 and get the down-low of the Cities underworld.


Story Impact[]

  • Taylor has a conversation where her father about where she was last night. Taylor lies to him to cover up her activities as a wannabe vigilante.
  • Taylor returns to school and performs online research on the Undersiders.
    • She discovers a message left for her by Tattletale that indicates she wants to meet again.


First Appearance[]

The characters who have appeared for the first time in Worm, this arc are:

First Mentioned[]

The characters who have been mentioned for the first time in Worm, in this arc are:


  • Insinuation can mean to suggest or hint at something, possibly in a susurrant manner. It can also mean to wriggle; as worms, snakes, limbless lizards, various burrowers mammals etc. Anything that involves entering into the elements and pushing against and off of the material to achieve momentum.
    • Here it relates to Taylor gaining the teenage villains trust based on their erroneous assumption that she herself is a villain, ultimately with the intention to betray them.

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