Ingenue, also known as Miranda Webb,[2] is a supervillain seductress and was a resident of the Birdcage. She acted as a leader of one of the cell blocks.[3]


Miranda is capricious, manipulative, cruel and utterly devoid of empathy. How much of that is influenced by her early trigger is a question.[2]

She has a habit of playfully denying her involvement in "the accidents".


Ingenue is described as an attractive woman and had been so for all her life. In her teenage years, she fit well with what would become her cape name. In her years of imprisonment, she had matured, and while still beautiful, she had lost the ability to pull off the wide-eyed innocence that had made her so effective early on.[4]

Even in dangerous situations, she did not wear armor or other materials typical of costumed heroes.[5]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Ingenue's power works by boosting one aspect of someone's power in exchange for dropping proficiency in another. This has the unfortunate side effect of driving her "partners" homicidally insane after prolonged periods of use.[6] These thralls are noticeably off-kilter to those who know them.[7]

Ingenue can also change her personality into her target's 'ideal woman' which makes manipulating them easier.[8] It is also possible she could see a person's abilities like Chevalier could, if in a more detailed and specific way.[9]

Reliable application of power requires physical contact, though this limitation was later removed by Teacher[2]



Miranda is an early trigger.[2]

Ingenue was caught after manipulating four heroes into doing horrible things behind the scenes. Responsible not only for their deaths but also for the deaths of others due to the heroes actions while under her thrall.

Ms. Webb was fully evaluated by powered PRT investigators, who were either confused or terrified by her. She was shortly put into the Birdcage. She was adolescent at the time.[2]

Miranda was assigned into Blood Diamond's cell block. Fearing of becoming the next toy of a sadist Miranda manipulated one of the male inmates into killing her. Later, she organized similar incidents with two competitors for cell block leadership, Love Bite and Teacup.[2]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

When Panacea was sent to the Birdcage. she was placed in Lustum's cell block. When a meeting was called to discuss the payment for this favor, Ingenue attended yet kept silent throughout the entire meeting, letting the other leaders' egos clash.[3]

Gold Morning Edit

Ingenue was released from the Birdcage, where she placed her eye on Chevalier.[4]

After the initial action in Gold Morning, she tried to visit Chevalier in the hospital bed.[10] She eventually succeeded but was stopped by Narwhal and thrown out.

She would stand by Chevalier throughout the conflict.

Post-Gold Morning Edit

She was imprisoned in a tower and was released by Teacher.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Ingenue was seen in Teacher's envoy.[11] She was still infatuated with Chevalier.

During the Wardens assault on Teacher's base thanks to Teacher's gift she was able to disable Valkyrie's power and pin The Flock down. She tortured with Spawner and almost killed Black Goat to force him to obey her.

She was found by Swansong, and after a short standoff had a moment to sabotage Swansong's power and sicced Spawner on her.[2] In ensuing fight with The Flock Ingenue decided to abandon Teacher and fled to The City with the remainder of her boys.[12]


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