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Date posted 26 May 2012
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Infestation 11.3 is the third chapter of Infestation. Skitter runs Merchant thugs out; promises to rescue Sierra’s brother and gets Tattletale to help.


Taylor is sitting in the second floor of her lair drinking a cup of tea and monitoring her subjects when two groups of Merchants enter her territory. She monitors them and begins to act against one after they attempt to break into buildings with people in them. Deciding on a show of force, she attacks them using human shaped swarms as a scare tactic and plays with them. After dealing with the first group, she finishes her tea and turns to the second group.

Flashback to earlier in the morning where the previous chapter ended. Taylor agrees to find Sierra's brother, who was captured by the Merchants. After dismissing Coil's men, she questions Sierra about her brother's abduction. Sierra relates the story of her family getting sick and the Merchants attack on the church that she and her brother were staying at. After Sierra expresses her desire to see the Merchants hurt, she gives Taylor a picture of her brother and describes the people who attacked the church. Taylor brings Sierra back to her lair and gets her situated on the first floor.

Jump back to current events. Taylor is using beetles with lit matches to chase a woman who spilled gasoline on herself. After igniting the woman but letting her friend put her out, she dispatches them similarly to the first group. She texts Coil for cleanup and calls Lisa. After receiving an update on the state of everyone's territories and updating her, Taylor brings Lisa up to speed on her territory and Sierra's situation. The two of them decide to crash a Merchant event.



  • Taylor mentions some of her preferences to Sierra.
    • She prefers tea to coffee.
    • She dislikes spicy and sour foods.
    • She likes to read.
  • A reference to Bakuda's monologue on using fear is made.[1]
  • Tattletale calls Taylor "Boardwalk Empress" referencing the show Boardwalk Empire, which was televised concurrently with Worm.


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