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Immaculata High is a high school located in Brockton Bay.


Immaculata is a Christian private school in the south end of the city.[1] The school is located south-west of The Towers, in the nicest part of Brockton Bay.[2][3] It is informally known as the "rich kid's school."[4]


Several Immaculata students were among those kidnapped and implanted with bombs by Bakuda.[1][3] One of them, Park Jihoo, was killed for refusing to attack the Undersiders.[5]

It is one of the schools to have survived both Leviathan's attack and the Slaughterhouse Nine attack, as afterwards it is mentioned that a number of commuting students are wearing Immaculata uniforms.[6]


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  2. Atlas carried me into the nice part of town, southwest of the Towers.  The Christian private school wasn't far from here.  Immaculata. - Colony 15.8
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  4. Arcadia high [...] wasn’t a rich kid’s school like Immaculata, but it was a good school. - Prey 14.10
  5. "Thank you for waiting, Park Jihoo," Bakuda turned her attention to the guy with the gun, "You can shoot someone now." The guy said something in Korean.  It might have been a prayer, "Please.  No." "Really?  They're bad people, if you're concerned about morals."  Bakuda tilted her head to one side. He blinked back tears, staring up at the sky.  The gun fell from his hands to clatter to the pavement. "That's a no.  Shame.  No use to me as a soldier."  Bakuda kicked him in the stomach, hard enough to send him sprawling onto his back. "No!  No no no!" The guy looked up to her, "Please!" Bakuda half-stepped, half skipped back a few feet.  The people around them took that as their cue to get well away from him. She didn't do anything, didn't say anything, didn't offer any tell or signal.  There was a sound, like a vibrating cell phone on a table, and Park Jihoo liquefied into a soupy mess in the span of a second. Dead.  He'd died, just like that. - Shell 4.8
  6. I ascended a set of wooden stairs to rise from the beach to the street proper, joining the scattered residents who lived here.  Men and women on their way to work, starting their day, children on their way to school, many in their Immaculata school uniforms. - Scarab 25.6

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