Ignis Fatuus was a clone of Eidolon created by Echidna. He shared his powers and memories, but, like all Echidna clones, felt a driving desire to destroy everything his original cared about.

The clone displayed a "flickering" ability much like Gray Boy's or Scapegoat's, which he used to conjure costumes and tools for himself and a clone of Alexandria, as well as to heal injuries and free himself from bindings. He also used aerokinesis, that allowed him to create vacuums, make sounds carry, and fly. Eidolon speculated that Ignis Fatuus wasn't affected by his slow loss of power, and perhaps if Glaistig Uaine claimed his power, she wouldn't be as well.[2] Skitter, however, speculated that Ignis Fatuus was enhancing his power using his variant of Scapegoat's power, shifting through various possible states until he reaches a desired one like being at full power.[3]

He created an armored costume for himself to mirror Eidolon's - a black hood, loose black sleeves and a pale red-orange glow emanating from each opening.

He was finally killed by Miss Militia while trapped by Clockblocker's ability affecting Skitter's thread.


  • He was only named in the chapter tags. The term ignis fatuus means a will-o-the-wisp - a malevolent ghost that leads travelers astray - or more generally something that misleads or deludes; whereas "Eidolon" means an idealized image or phantom of a person.
  • Had Wildbow not received more donations, Ignis Fatuus would have had a larger role in the story, serving as a catalyst for Skitter investigating the setting's lore earlier than she did in the canon story-line. Consequently, Worm would have been far shorter.[4]


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    There were a lot of ugly possibilities with that one. Could he affect how he was accessing powers?-Excerpt from Scourge 19.6
  4. Had there been no donations, it would have been a much smaller story. I probably would have killed off Tattletale, to gut Taylor's access to information she shouldn't have and keep her more on the same page with the reader, and I would have gotten more in depth with the whole 'figuring stuff out' bit. Clone-Eidolon's (Ignis Fatuus') big speech would have made her flip the fuck out. I probably would have driven her out of Brockton Bay to just get her out there and interacting with more setting elements (with a lot more emphasis on Faultline). The story would have been far shorter. - Comment by Wildbow on Spacebattles

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