Hunter[1] was a recently triggered cape with control issues. She would later become the Titan Arachne.


Pre-trigger Hunter still had control issues, namely loathed being controlled by other peoples. Otherwise she was a normal, snarky teenager that sought competence and independence.[2]

After Amy's alteration she was often manic with noticeable shard-influences, such as careless use of power and preoccupation with masks.[3]

After becoming a Titan, she was highly aggressive, attacking everybody in her vicinity in bouts of manic joy.[4] Shard used those emotions to subvert Hunter's own motivations, while the human part of the titan would not appreciate that once faced with it, they do act in concert for a time.[5]


Hunter admitted being fond of her adoptive family, despite being often annoyed how stuck-up they are.[6]

Has a friend named Sam[7], who asked Victoria Dallon for help when Hunter triggered.[8]

Amy maintained some imprinted loyalty in Hunter, rationalizing it as a necessity to work with her.

The Red Queen's entourage had a very mixed influence on Hunter.[9]


Hunter is a delicately built blonde. She wears her hair straight. Amy finds her similar to Victoria. [10][11]

As Titan Arachne, her body consists of the mix of her power-effects and dimensional tears. As with other Titans she lack facial features,[4] but seems to retain more humanoid, less grotesque shape. She is around 14 stories tall.[12]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Hunter produces a mass of thin black wires within thirty feet around herself, that cuts everything in its way. She is immune to their sharpness herself.[13]

Initially, her power was barely controllable, lashing out at any sensory cue.[14] Amy was able to make it more restrained, but with ensuing personality alteration it made little difference.[3]

Hunter's power permanently maintained her heightened psychological state, as such she does not get mentally tired.[9]

As a Titan, she can produce razor wire within a quarter mile of herself, which scales up over time and is not Manton limited.[15] Unlike the majority of titans she is extremely agile.[16][17]


Post-Gold MorningEdit

Hunter's parents died in New York during Scion's rampage,[6] so she was adopted by her uncle and aunt.

She met Sam in The City's refugee center.[2]


She triggered with an uncontrolled, messy power and nowhere to go. Her friend found Victoria Dallon at the hospital and asked for help. She put him in contact with Tempera and the Wardens and asked Jessica Yamada to help smooth her passage.[8][7] Ended up at the new parahuman asylum in Europe.[18]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Traveled to Shin to be treated by Amy Claire Lavere, who made a mistake that altered Hunter's personality.[19]

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

Amy continued failing to subdue the power.[3]

The Ice BreaksEdit

When the ice broke due to the broken triggering of Fume Hood, Hunter was one of many capes to also broken trigger and become a Titan. She immediately began attacking everybody around her, intentionally targeting high powered capes.[20]

Titan Arachne was tied up by the Shin Defense Initiative, and remained the last solo titan.[21]


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