Hoyden is the team leader for the Austin Wards.


Her personality is very inline with her cape name.[1]

Golem noted that Hoyden lived with layers of defenses around herself - bravado, sarcasm, aggression, and so on. He suspect that "there were very few things that really got to the heart of Hoyden. When they did, they hurt."[2]


Hoyden's theme was one that looked like a desperado. Her mask was a cloth with eye-holes that covered her head but allowed for her blond curls to tumble from behind. Her costume was made up of what appeared to be black chain-mail, but designed to look like a jacket and jeans.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Hoyden was a cape with multiple powers. As a striker, anything she hits will explode, while an attacker would also suffer a retaliatory explosion should she be hit. This is in combination with a resistance to damage from other powers, one that becomes better the further the distance from her target. Combined with basic strength and durability increases, classifies her as a brute.[1] This let her survive things like falls from great heights;[4] indirect force could still affect her though.[5]

Combined, these powers allowed her to take lightning strikes from Behemoth[6] and fight hand-to-hand with Scion.[7] She also has some resistance to mind effecting powers.[8]



Hoyden triggered as part of a multi-trigger event.[9]

She would eventually join the Wards.

Story StartEdit

Needed the services of Glenn Chambers more then any other Ward.[1]


Was part of the action against The Adepts and the evaluation of Weaver.

Fought during the Behemoth attack on New Delhi, India. Hoyden was able to sustain direct lightning strikes from Behemoth, acting as a lightning rod to protect other capes during the battle.


Hoyden participated in the fight against the Slaughterhouse 9000. The first group she encountered consisted of two Nyx, four Night Hag's and three Psychosoma's. The group was dispatched when Number Man and Contessa came to the aid of the heroes present.

When an expeditionary force revisited Ellisburg, Hoyden served as suppressing fire for the remaining creations Nilbog had left behind. She was eventually buried in the sludge they left behind and had to be rescued by Defiant.

She and Tecton ended up holding off a group Harbingers but were quickly relieved.[4]

Gold MorningEdit

As part of Khepri's swarm she fought against Scion hand-to-hand, able to resist the creature's defensive measures. She was, however, frightened the entire time. [7]


  • As with many Worm cape names 'Hoyden', or 'Hoiden', is a somewhat dated term. Originating from Dutch, it refers to a boisterous girl.[10]

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    “Heads up, Hoyden’s ensorcelled or something,” I said, communicating through the earbuds.

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