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Houndstooth is a hero trying to build something in a new world.


Houndstooth is companionable and agreeable.

His lifestyle has apparently acclimated him to outright threats on his life.[1]



Reticent to meet Kenzie again.


Houndstooth and Foxtrot are in a romantic relationship with one another.[2] Their personalites are contrary but likely complimentary.[3]


Houndstooth wears an anubis-like helmet, with a sleek western outfit.[4][5]



Homelife and similar are unknown

Story Start[]

Houndstooth joined the Protectorate and was placed in the Wards. It is unknown at what point he graduated.

Gold Morning[]

Cried when Gold Morning began along with everyone else on the team.

Presumably participated the degree of willingness is unknown.


Had to face Kenzie again.

Had a meeting with his former teammates new teammates.

Led his team into the villain occupied Cedar Point.


  1. Shade 4.4
  2. I’d researched her, after she had ended up being a bit of a problem. Foxtrot and Houndstooth had dated for a bit- and potentially still were. It had been a thing early and then the team had grown and that faded into the background. It said something that she’d, despite the concerns of the girlfriend being promoted, despite the fact she had no apparent record or history of a hero until about a year ago… she’d settled into a weird pseudo-leadership position, leading patrols a lot of the time. - Excerpt from Beacon 8.6
  3. “We’ve already been preparing to handle it,” was Mayday’s response. “While I have the floor, I also want to say we’re taking the last steps to fold the Kings of the Hill into Advance Guard. If you’re looking for them, it’s best to go through us.”

    The fox and the hound, Foxtrot and Houndstooth, raised their hands. Dangerous mischievousness and stoic seriousness, respectively. - Excerpt from Breaking 14.2
  4. An image appeared in the center of our group, and most of us backed away.

    A still image of a person. He had a sleek, Anubis-like helmet or mask that encapsulated his head. His actual outfit was sleek as well, but Western. Nothing of an actual houndstooth pattern, ironically. - Excerpt from Shade 4.2
  5. Houndstooth waited on a hill overlooking the city sprawl. He looked as he had in Kenzie’s projected image. Anubis writ Western, with a shorter, blunter snout and a costume of mixed panels that straddled the line between being a bodysuit and being armor. - Excerpt from Shade 4.4

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