Hookline is a villain in Ward.


Described as violent and bloodthirsty, he was willing to attack a child.



Hookline and Gibbet are in a romantic relationship with one another.[1]


Wears a length of chain around head as a mask.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Hookline has a hundred foot long cable with a hook on the end that he telekinetically controls. Only he can control or influence it. It could be described as an All-or-nothing ability, as the cable cannot be broken or damaged.[3]

Hookline is capable of moving people around with his chain, by having teammates balance on top as he moves the chain around.[4]


Ward StartEdit

Was a part of a coalition of villains led by Prancer, that occupied Hollow Point.

Post-Fallen FallEdit

Took part in a kidnapping attempt of Kenzie Martin but was foiled, and arrested by Auzure.[5]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Was brought back into Love Losts group to help fight a team up between The Undersiders and Breakthrough. Got cut by Foil and Precipice.[6]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Avoided the capture and found a girlfriend and some new pals.

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

Hookline re-appeared as part of Damsel of Distress' new gang.[7]

Post-Ice BreakEdit

Hookline joined his team in taking on the Titans.


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    “They’re willing to hurt people?” Houndstooth asked.

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