Homer was a member of Lily's Cluster.


He confesses that cluster trigger made him a better person. Several of his old habits can be seen in March, likely due to cluster bleedthrough.


Homer felt deep gratitude to other members of the cluster, for having a hand in him regaining some degree of human decency.


Homer is a black man, with dreads. As a cape, he dressed well, with gold rings around his dreads and a gold mask. He wore a flowing black costume.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Homer had a deadly accuracy power, that allowed him to hit a baseball into angles that would inevitably hit somebody's weak point, like their temple or heart. He was not able to find non-lethal application of it.

Homer had the ability to make things ricochet on contact with a surface, with the post-ricochet being even stronger.[2]


Homer carried a golden baseball bat, and a baseball with black skin and gold stitches.



Triggered when his girlfriend was hit by a train.

He tried to find a connection with his clustermates, with neither of them being particularly interested at that moment.

Homer inadvertently made a lot of enemies among New York criminals and was later killed.


  • While Tattletale claims that March had drained Homer to increase her power[3] this was actually due to another cape in March's coitre assisting her.


  1. Homer had grown, in a lot of ways. He was well-dressed now. He still had the dreads, but they were shorter, bound in gold – it looked like wedding rings. His mask, too, was gold. He had a golden baseball bat, and as he walked, he dribbled a baseball with the bat. A flowing black costume swept around him. - Excerpt from Interlude 12.z II
  2. A trick from Homer’s playbook. She would never have the aim he did. Perhaps if she’d taken a share of his power, she might. But as it was… no. She didn’t have the ability to make things ricochet on contact with a surface, the post-ricochet thing stronger, ‘woken up’, as Homer had put it. She didn’t have that either. - Excerpt from Heavens 12.all
  3. “She has proof, kind of,” Rain said.

    “Because, Swansong, she was a member of a cluster of three. Timing, accuracy, and Foil’s trademark weapon enhancement. March found and drained their cluster’s third.”

    “She’s very strong compared to Flechette, now, and that’s her proof,” Rain said. - Excerpt from Polarize 10.5

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