Hive 5.6
Date posted 22 November 2011
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Hive 5.6 is the sixth chapter of Hive. Attack planning, beginning of raid – Oni Lee and Lung are there!


The combined villain group heads across archer's bridge to the ABB 'base'. While walking Skitter strikes up a conversation with Sundancer and is met with initial rebuff but is eventually able to talk about team dynamics and similar.

The group has a quick discussion about their powers while setting up. Bitch heads into the base while skitter sends her bugs into the area to scout. She finds what she eventually deduces is a massive drug operation. The works forced to package the powder product in their underwear to prevent them sneaking anything out.

While investigating Skitter steals a trick she saw grue doing and pulls multiple bugs together as a 'swarm clone' to trip a inferred bomb. she comes across the prone form of Newter and discovers that Oni Lee and Lung have arrived on the scene.


  • Skitter creates a swarm clone, a trick she learned from Grue,[1] in this chapter a technique she will use repeatedly in her career.


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