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Date posted November 5, 2011
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Hive 5.1 is the first chapter of Hive. In it, the villains of Brockton Bay, including the newly arrived Travelers, meet at Somer's Rock and agree to a truce regarding the ABB.


The Undersiders arrive at Somer's Rock for a meeting, a week after the incident with Bakuda. Taylor has spent the week in bed, recuperating from Bakuda's bombs, receiving updates from her teammates, and learning of her proposed cape name Skitter.

Empire Eighty-Eight, Coil, and Faultline's Crew enter Somer's Rock, and Regent explains Tattletale has been feuding with Faultline. The Merchants arrive but are excluded from sitting at the table because they lack power and reputation. The nomadic Travelers introduce themselves and take seats at the table.

The meeting begins, with the topic of the ongoing armed raids being orchestrated by the ABB: despite the fact that the situation will resolve itself due to the ABB's recklessness, Bakuda's actions have drawn attention and a greater heroic presence to Brockton Bay. Grue explains Bakuda's dead-man switches and shows the other villains a CD of the Undersiders' fight with her. Coil proposes a truce and all the present teams besides Faultline's Crew accept, but Tattletale tells Taylor that every other group is plotting to use the ceasefire to their own advantage.


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