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Arc 5
Chapter Count 11
Word Count 37,369
Date started
5 November 2011
Date finished
10 December 2011
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Hive is the fifth arc of the Worm series; preceded by Shell and followed by Tangle. Skitter learns that it's best to best to do something yourself if one wants a successful outcome.


The villains and mercenary capes of Brockton Bay meet to address the problem of the ABB's sudden sustained offensive. The reader is introduced to the Merchants, the Travelers, Coil's Organization, and Faultline's Crew at the Truce meeting at Somer's Rock. The Undersiders make a good showing and are able to get around the fall out of Bitch's extracurricular activities. After Grue and Tattletale try to ram home the fact that Bitch needs to be more communicative Skitter is able to make a connection with the dog cape for the first time.

In her civilian Life Taylor deals with school life for once but it is frustratingly ineffectual. Wanting to blow off steam she decides to participate in the anti-ABB action, something she was excused from following her still unhealed head injury. The participating villain teams have split into interwoven teams to attack and dismantle key ABB operations.

Skitter and Bitch work alongside several capes from different criminal organizations, and attack a ABB drug house. She chats with Newter and Labyrinth who are each affected by their powers in different ways. They deal with Oni Lee and even Lung. Kaiser duels Lung but is eventually defeated. Similarly Sundancer, a member of the Travelers, is unable to halt man-dragon. Skitter is able to come up form her second encounter with Lung much easier thanks to some quick thinking and using the available resources.

With Lung defeated the combined team dissolves and goes their separate ways, with the ABB drug money that is left around. Taylor and Rachel are able to have a halfway decent conversation letting Taylor form a better understanding with the girl and, after Lisa and Brian return from their mission, a greater understanding of how powers can affect people.

In the interlude chapter we see the life of gregor, an amiable Case 53 whose powers present him with daily challenges. By the end though it looks like he is going to be getting answers about his condition.



  • Hive can mean a few things but the one that springs to mind is a beehive.
    • In story it showcases the internecine politics of Brockton Bay's villain community. The ABB have stepped out of line and now they are being dealt with.

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