Hexie is a Case 53 hailing from another Earth, working as a villain.




Hexie and Blackforest are in a villainous partnership with one another.


Hexie has a disembodied head and arms, with a body that resembles a storm of power contained in a tube of metal sheeting. Purple fire is vented out from her shoulders and elbows, and she wears a witch hat.[1]


Gold MorningEdit

Hexie was brought into the fight against Scion from an alternate Earth.[2]


Hexie and Blackforest share a room in the communal kid-villain den.[3]

Post-Ice BreakEdit

Hexie submitted to the Wardens power testing in the fight against the Titans. She was introduced to the majority of the local Case 53 community during it.[4]


  1. Blackforest’s friend was slower to approach. Hexie was a disembodied head and arms, her body a swirl of power contained in a tube of metal sheeting, that acted like a dress. The power vented out at shoulders and elbows, purple fire. She wore a witch hat, which she adjusted as she approached. - Excerpt from Interlude 19.a II
  2. “That’s so mature, gosh, yeah. I’m glad I finally get to say hi,” she said, still a bit out of breath from sheer excitement. “Um, I don’t want to be a bad friend. This is Hexie, one of our new Gold Morning case fifty-threes. She and I are kinda, sorta, um…” - Excerpt from Interlude 19.a II
  3. “Hexie and I share a room. No foster parents, but we have a den mother. A bunch of us teen villains, and they’re accepting of Hexie and me. The den mother looks after our headquarters and us, arranges food, sets a few rules, and keeps us pointed in the right direction.”

    “What does she get?”

    “A cut of whatever we earn or take.” - Excerpt from Infrared 19.a
  4. Infrared 19.a

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