A Hero is ostensibly one of the good guys, however, this does not mean they are always right.

Heroes have several advantages; mainly from being able to benefit from society, and generally being able to cooperate with each other. This does not mean there isn't some friction in the community.

PRT ResponseEdit

Will usually try to work with the hero community when they can't actively recruit them.


Heroes also tend to be more polite as they will ask to take up a name rather than fighting over it.[1]

Attending endbringer fights is always dangerous/


  • One of the central conceits of Worm is realism. As such unlike comics and other media Heroes are not guaranteed to win.[citation needed]


  1. When a villain dies, their name is up for grabs, but if it's just taken without a second thought, then has a way of maintaining bad reps and picking up old rivalries with few of the benefits. That guy who always wanted to stomp Tailspin's ass might get some cathartic release from beating down Tailspin II. Sometimes very stupid villains take a name that's already taken, causing headaches for everyone involved, and invite beatdowns & contests over the name.

    Heroes are far more likely to simply ask for permission to use a name. Unicorn III passed her name on to Unicorn IV, for example. - Wildbow on Reddit
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