Nikos Vasil, known publicly as Heartbreaker, is a renowned supervillain based in Montreal.[3]


He is short-sighted as his abilities allow him to receive anything he wants with minimal effort, but he is still cautious.[4] He 'oozed' confidence and sexuality.[1]

Despite this, he is intelligent. Through planning and careful application of his power he has managed to remain several steps ahead of the authorities.[4]

He had the habit of collecting wedding rings, presumably from the married women he abducted.[5]


Was known to the public throughout the northeast of United States of America and Canada.[6] His use of his abilities gives him a fearsome rep, whether or not it is exactly earned.[7]


Nikos is a tall man with a lanky, muscular physique, long black hair, and a goatee.[8] Unlike most capes thanks to his cautiousness and intelligence he has been able to live to middle age.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Nikos has the Master[2] ability to control and manipulate the emotions of people. He used this ability to form a harem of beautiful/useful women that serve him zealously, committing crimes and dying for him.

Both of his runaway children have greater range with their powers than he does.[9] His powers may have been limited to line of sight, and the effects continued even if he died. [10]

Regent suspected that his power gave him immunity from Nikos' power as it did his sister.[11] This likely stems from Nikos using his power to cause his children to Trigger.[3][8]



Nikos was born in Europe, later moved to Quebec.[12] He was active for several years and never caught. He was classified as "too dangerous to fight" due to the risk of him gaining control of anyone who opposed him, human or Parahuman, as well as generally creating such volatile initial situation, that it would be borderline impossible to root it out by force without too much damage to the reputation of authorities and public morale.[4] He was well known in North America.[6]

Story StartEdit

Two of his children, Jean-Paul and Cherie, had run away from him.[3] He sent two of his children after at least one of them.


Made initial forays into Brockton Bay looking for his wayward children.[13]

Saw a video where one of his children died.[14]


Nikos was driven to suicide by Imp[15] who then adopted his children as a way of honoring the memory of Hijack.[16]


He had many children but seemingly all of them are working in the exact opposite direction that he had all of his life.


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