Harbinger V is one of five remaining clones of the original Harbinger.


Unlike his brothers, the fifth Harbinger has developed somewhat of a conscience.[1]


Sveta KareliaEdit

Five went out of his way to save Sveta's life during the Attack on Teacher's Compound, and was even ostracised from his brothers a result.


A teenage version of the Number Man. Wears glasses.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Main article: Number Man

Harbinger V has all the combat thinker abilities of the original Number Man, if less refined due to a lack of experience. However, he has stronger shard-enabled connection with his brothers.



Harbinger V and his brothers were all created by Bonesaw and used by the Slaughterhouse Nine to attack several locations. They proved a formidable force, until the arrival of their original and Contessa forced them to surrender.

Gold MorningEdit

Harbinger V made it through the event.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Harbinger V was present for the meeting before the second assault on Teacher's base. He went out of his way to save Svetas life, citing her as a reason for him developing a conscience. He was forced to go on the run from his brothers as a result of his actions.

The Ice BreaksEdit

Harbinger V came out of hiding in order to assist the heroes against the Titans. He stayed by Sveta Karelia's side.[2]

Harbinger V assisted in the fight between the Shepherds and Titan Skadi.[3]

He followed Sveta to the Shardrealm, joining Breakthrough near Contessa's crystal,[4] and providing some commentary on Cauldron and Contessa.[5]


  1. “I’ve thought about that a lot,” the Harbinger said. “I’m number five of my surviving brothers. I was always the last one to leave, when we filed out. I’d look back and see Jeanne… the closest thing we ever had to a mother. Our ‘number zero’s wife. That could have opened a crack the rest of the sentimentality flowed into. It could have been randomness. No numbers are truly random, but… I got less jobs in the last year than my brothers. More time to think, less brutality. I got handed different quote-unquote, ‘random’ memories. Maybe that created a wedge.” - Excerpt from Interlude 19.a II
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