Michael Walsh,[1] known publicly as the superhero Halo, is a member of Haven.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Halo generated a five-foot-wide, sharp-edged gold hoop that he could move at will, and which could generate forcefields and lasers.[2][3][4] He could use this to fly, but preferred to stay on the ground during combat.[5]

His lasers were continuous beams of golden light, and he could generate multiple beams at a time.[6]

His forcefields were immobile and generated around the ring; in order to protect himself he had to recall it to his side and remain in one place.[3]

It's possible that he could vary the size of the hoop, but even at its largest and under the influence of Vista's power it only reached twice its usual size.[4]


Early WormEdit

He participated in the Battle against Leviathan and was injured by a tidal wave early in the fight.[7]


When two of the Fallen travelled to Brockton Bay, Halo was one of the two Haven members sent to fight them. The Undersiders battled both Haven and the Fallen at the same time, but prevailed.[8]

Gold MorningEdit

He was a part of Khepri's swarm, and she wielded him against Scion alongside a number of other parahumans that made things, all their creations increased in size using Vista's power.[4]

Chapter AppearancesEdit

Worm Chapter Appearances
1. Extermination 8.1 Absent
2. Extermination 8.2 Absent
y. Interlude 8.y Absent
3. Extermination 8.3 Mentioned
4. Extermination 8.4 Absent
5. Extermination 8.5 Absent
6. Extermination 8.6 Absent
7. Extermination 8.7 Absent
8. Extermination 8.8 Absent
z. Interlude 8.z Absent


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