Hack Job was one of Bonesaw's creations.


Hatchet Face was lobotomized and implanted with a metal framework to make him obey Bonesaw. Oni Lee's brain was mostly intact and conscious, able to feel everything Hatchet Face felt, but unable to control their shared body.[1]


Hack Job looked like Hatchet Face had in life: a tall, muscled man, covered in scars, carrying a two-handled axe. From behind, however, the remains of Oni Lee were visible; tumour-like growths containing his organs and skeleton, with a face on the back of his head constantly opening and closing its mouth.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Hack Job shared Oni Lee's power of duplication/teleportation and Hatchet Face's Brute abilities and field that nullified the powers of any parahuman who got close to him, although Hatchet Face's power was weakened; it was only effective on people close enough to touch.[1]

Hack Job left behind blood splatters whenever his duplicates exploded. Bonesaw worried about the wear and tear on his body when he teleported.[1]



Bonesaw combined Oni Lee and Hatchet Face's bodies after their deaths, creating a being with both their powers. She used robots to conduct the surgery from a remote location to avoid losing her powers, and was able to tie their nervous systems together to allow them to both use their powers without interference. It took her four hours.[1]


Hack Job was present when the Slaughterhouse Nine came to Brockton Bay. Bonesaw forced Panacea to fight him in an attempt to make her more violent.[1]

He was destroyed by Sundancer.[2][3]


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