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Gundeck is a heroic member of the Wardens.


Gundeck is a big guy, and in costume carries around a large assortment of weaponry.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

Gundeck is a Tinker with a focus on heavy artillery. He has been seen using missiles and guns large enough to fit on a tank.[2] He has a back mounted rocket that he can use to move around.[3] He has tinkertech that allows him to easily reload his weaponry.

Gundeck also has a Brute power that gives him super strength, without any additional durability.[4]


Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Gundeck was notably affected by the subterfuge that Teacher was perpetrating.[1]

The Ice Breaks[]

Gundeck was among frontline heavy-hitters in the fight with titans Eve, Oberon and Skadi. He also was in charge of Solarstare at that point. He was recovered by Antares when heroes retreated.[5]

Together with Solarstare, he participated in the fighting against the Simurgh inside the Wardens' Compound.[6]


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