Gully is a Case 53 superhero and member of the San Diego Wards team.


Gully dreamed of being a team captain,[1] but believed she could never be chosen because of her condition.[2] This seems to be factual given her leadership abilites. Gully's voice was extremely deep.[3]

When she learned Cauldron were responsible for the Case 53s, she was shocked and angry,[4][5][6][7] to the point she was willing to torture Doctor Mother.[8]



Gully was close to the tinker, having been a major factor in his development.[9] She comforted him when Raymancer was dying.[10]


She told Sveta that she would frequently break down into tears because her powers constantly reminded her of what had happened to her.[11]


Gully stands at eight feet tall and is extremely muscular.[12][13] Her muscles do not have the usual configuration or proportions,[13] which besides everything else makes her look like a hunchback.[12][14] Her skin is scar-tissue-thick in most places.[13]

She has a severe underbite.[13][12] One side of her face is distorted by skin overgrowth, which she hides with a curtain of braids.[13] Her braids are long enough to hang almost to the ground.[12]

Gully usually carries a shovel with her.[15][16][17] She didn't wear a mask.[12]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a result of her altered body Gully had some degree of enhanced strength, which sometimes caused her to accidentally break things.[11]

Her true power rested in her ability to manipulate earth.[14][17] She could create a pillar of asphalt in a particular spot without damaging the ground on top.[12] A degree of control that surpasses Tecton's.[15] Weaver believed that Gully's control was enough for her power to dig tunnels through the earth.[18] Her ability also gave her a Thinker awareness of earth, a constant sense of the ground around her.[11]

Gully would sometimes tap her shovel against the ground when using her power,[12] although this wasn't necessary.[17]



Gully was what Cauldron called a deviation scenario.[19] A Case 53, she was transformed, branded, and dumped somewhere with amnesia.

At some point she joined the Wards. She was repeatedly passed over for promotions, mostly due to her physical appearance.[1][2][17]

When Wanton and an unnamed Chicago Ward were based in San Diego, Gully helped them both out.[20]

She allowed Tecton to study her power at some point, which significantly helped him with his work.[20]

Echidna IncidentEdit

Gully attended the Echidna incident, and was part of the group who worked with the Undersiders. She pushed for answers when Tattletale hinted she might know who created the Case 53s. She was distraught and horrified when she learned the Triumvirate were behind it.

She was one of the founding members of the Irregulars.

Gold MorningEdit

She attended the meeting of all the major powers as a member of the Irregulars.

She fought and was injured in the Oil-rig battle. She survived, possibly as a result of Lab Rat's device.

Participated in the assault on Cauldron's headquarters and sided against Weld. She was injured when Weaver's group attacked them.[21] She was knocked unconscious when she attacked Cauldron's core group, possibly by blood loss, and carried out of the complex by Pretender.[18]

Post-Gold MorningEdit

She is no longer around.[22] It is unknown if this means she has retired, or if she has deceased.


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    An old picture. Sveta had remarked that Gully wasn’t around anymore.- Black 13.6

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