Grandiose was a hero who assisted in the battle against the Simurgh in Madison.


Grandiose fought valiantly against the Simurgh, showing he had a heroic streak.


Grandiose wore a bodysuit of blue velvet, with gold armor.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Grandiose's primary ability is one that allows him to create a blue-green forcefield around himself. His forcefield increases in brightness over time, and ultimately is capable of detonating and causing a large explosion.[2]

Grandiose is also capable of flight.


The Simurgh's attack on MadisonEdit

Grandiose fought against the Simurgh in Madison, helping in the attempt to drive her away from the city.

The Simurgh took him out of commission with her telekinesis, impaling him on some rebar near a group of teenagers.[1] Dragon informed Grandiose that he had spent too much time in range of the Simurgh, and that he would have to die there due to the Simurgh's influence. Urging the teenagers to leave, Grandiose held his armband to his chest and died as it exploded.[3]


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