A Grab-Bag Cape is a colloquialism for capes who have multiple minor abilities in addition to their main power. A more scholastic term is mosaic power expression.[1][2] They are created when multiple trigger events happen at the same location under a short period, in what are known as multiple-triggers,[3][4], group triggers, cluster-triggers,[1] and matched powers.[5]


The term itself it rather straight forward, capes termed 'grab-bags' display three or more powers that work together, rather than one or two individual powers.[6]

Each member of a multi-trigger gets one "primary" power, and a number of weaker "secondary" powers based on the primary powers of the other members of the multi-trigger,[5] manifesting in a way that assists the expression of the main power.[3] Sometimes every member of a cluster trigger will receive a minor power not tied to any specific individual.[7]

This does not earn the grab-bag a trump rating as they will always have the same powers (unless one of those powers is a trump ability).[8]

Psychological EffectsEdit

Capes within multiple trigger groups tend to be hostile towards each other[4] or extremely close partners. This is known as the "Kill/Kiss dynamic".[9] According to one study, there is a 50% chance of at least one attempted murder in a cluster, and a 25% chance of at least one romantic partnership - and 10% of these romances form in spite of the partners' previous sexual identity.[10]

It is possible that there is some personality "bleed" between members of a cluster trigger.[11]

The effects of Kiss/Kill and bleedthrough become more intense in larger clusters.[12]


The shards in a multi-trigger, instead of going "all-in" as in a normal trigger event, give up a small to moderate portion of themselves similar to a bud. This weakens the main power but give the host other powers in compensation.[13] Upon the death of a host the shard will return to normal behaviour and seek out another host, a relation of it's previous host perhaps.[3]

It is worth noting that clustered shards do not produce second triggers in normal circumstances.[14][citation needed]

Known Grab-BagsEdit

Members The Game
Two-team competition
Iterative peer-diplomacy dilemma
Individual vs Pair
Iterative winner-takes-most roulette

Trivia Edit

  • Kiss/Kill dynamic might be simplified representation of the Four Fs, that is more specific to shards, with their species history of cannibalistic relationships, where Fleeing is underrepresented, while other three Fs are getting into one sloppy, amalgamated mess.
  • Similarly, the personality bleed looks like an extension of inter-shard interaction, where some shards get "rounded" or "specialized" at the expense of other shards.
  • Multi triggers with more then one Tinker in the group would have their approaches differentiated, making it nigh impossible for direct collaboration.[26]


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