Gong is a heroic member of Advance Guard.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Gong has a Shaker ability that allows him to create shockwaves by clapping his hands. These shockwaves collect items as they move away from Gong, and he can direct all of these in a certain direction with high speed.[1]



Gong was mentioned as member of Advance Guard during the Skirmish in Cedar Point.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Gong was a part of the first wave of Wardens' attack on Teachers base.

He strongly suggested to dispose of Leper.


  1. Gong slapped his hands together, and a shockwave rippled harmlessly past us, tracing a flat, long oval around us and our cover. The sound of incoming projectiles softened, then stopped. I peeked and saw the shockwave slowing as it moved, and slowing bullets and bolts of energy, a few chunky containers that might have been explosives, and some of our allies’ stuff as well. Someone in one of the concrete cubicles near the one we were hunkered down in was firing shotgun sprays of their power into Gong’s shockwave, filling it with what looked like two-armed tadpoles the size of my fist. They clawed blindly at the air, tails whipping around violently, and their screeches were high-pitched, feral, and muffled, as the shockwave absorbed even the sound.

    Blather cringed at even those sounds, despite the fact they were friendly. No respite, even as the sound of the incoming attack more or less stopped.

    Gong did about as tight and vicious a little spin-move as I’d ever seen anyone do, spinning on the spot and slapping at something mid-air. Wind rushed past all of us, and the assembled projectiles launched as a volley, flying out toward one of the entrances. - Excerpt from Dying 15.3

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