Glow-worm P.8
Date posted 4 November 2017
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Part 8 is the eighth chapter of Glow-worm. Graham approves Sveta's name change request, she and Capricorn defend Weld's actions during Gold Morning. Sveta offers some kind words to a new monstrous trigger, then is harassed by a former Irregular and makes a new account. Sveta talks to the chatroom group.


The chapter opens with Sveta returning from vacation and talking to old friend returns from vacation and gives a pep talk to her new team.

She reads and defends a Broken Triggers experiences.

An old member of the Irregulars who was unable to attend the infiltration at Cauldron and had to gain information from an outside source. She defends her old G String Girl name. saying it was meant to be a laugh when she was in a dark place.

She finally gets around to talking to everyone else in the Chat room and tries to lift their spirits.


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