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Date posted 31 October 2017
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Part 5 is the fifth chapter of Glow-worm. PM@TS is rejected from graduate school. Their cousin, Glitzglam gets in contact and comforts PM@TS.


Returning to Point_Me_@_The_Sky (PM@TS) we find her reading an Email.

PM@TS applied to grad studies and was turned down. The application was good, but there were 1.5 million applications and only 20k seats. There aren't many schools and things are still recuperating from the End of the World.

This was the email referenced earlier.

Private Message Convo with Glitzglam

Glitzglam reaches out - their friend got the email re: applications earlier in the day and Glitz is wondering if PM@TS got one. PM@TS confirms that they did, and vents about frustrations and fears.

Application good, extracurriculars good, references good, perfect, and... rejected, to paraphrase. PM@TS expresses fears about why - their mind is wandering and they're concerned because the possibilities (sentiment, backstabbing reference, favoritism, government pressures re: what to focus on) are things that, if true, would mean PM@TS isn't liable to get in in future years either.

Glitzglam is training, apparently, and is somewhere distant, but wants to meet because they're concerned about PM@TS. PM@TS says it's not necessary and that they might travel before high school year start and they get busy with work. PM@TS asks for Glitz to keep an eye on tarps erected near/around the house.

PM@TS muses briefly on whether there's even a place for them with 15+ alternate Earths opened up to humanity, and then Glitz has duty calling and the two part, with promises to see each other soon. PM@TS tells Glitz to 'say hi to the family'.





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